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Art in it’s many forms from acrylics on canvas to mixed media with photos of latest work, art news and important updates.

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Barbosa Art Newsletter – March 2016

Barbosa Art Newsletter – March 2016   This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:             New original paintings are now available!   Now Accepting Custom Artwork Orders! Please Contact me to be put on the list.  New art will be coming to My Website weekly so be sure to check out my… read more

Barbosa Art Newsletter – January 2015

 Barbosa Art Newsletter – January 2015   This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:                *On the Easel* for the New Year: Celestial Paintings, Modern Abstracts, Day of the Dead, Tattoo Pin Ups, Sailboats and More. CUSTOM ORDERS: Now Accepting Custom Artwork Orders! Please Contact me to be put on… read more

Free Day Of The Dead Print Giveaway

HELP ME REACH 8000 LIKES & WIN A FREE PRINT!   1. Like The Art of LauraBarbosa Fan Page 2. SHARE This POST with your FB FRIENDS 3. WINNER Announced September 7 / 2014   In honor of my supportive facebook friends, I am giving away a SIGNED 16 x 20″ Open Edition Fine Art… read more

Barbosa Art Newsletter – August 2014

 Barbosa Art Newsletter – August 2014   This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:               August ~Shark Week was celebrated with 3 small paintings of Great White Sharks.   *On the Easel* for September: ** Day of the Dead, Halloween, Sailboats and Trees ** CUSTOM ORDERS will be shipped out… read more

Barbosa Art Newsletter – July 2014

 Barbosa Art Newsletter – July 2014   This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:               JULY ~ PIRATE MONTH at Barbosa Art Studios has come to a close. *On the Easel* for August: ** Day of the Dead will begin ** CUSTOM ORDERS will be finished up in this month,… read more

June Art News

JUNE is Here! Let’s celebrate it with a vivid color palette! For those of you waiting for “Pumpkinhead”…I am painting the creature now and he should be finished by tomorrow night. I have 2 more Easels set up and on easel #2 is my next ‘Custom Order’ – A Zombie Family Portrait for an Awesome… read more

Barbosa Art Newsletter – May 2014

Best Art Sale of the Year! in my eBay Store 25% OFF “All Fixed Price Listings” and Auctions starting at 99 Cents with No Reserve.  New art will be coming to My Website weekly so be sure to check out my latest creations! If you wish to see a certain subject or theme, just send… read more

Barbosa Art Newsletter for February 2014

 Barbosa Art Newsletter – February 2014   This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:               New canvas sizes just arrived in the studio: 24×48″, 24×24″, 12×36″ and 8×10″. New art will be coming to My Website and eBay store weekly so be sure to check out my latest creations! If… read more

Mrs. Owl – Contemporary Art For The Birds

“Mrs. Owl was hand painted with acrylic paint and Detailed with White Ink. It has a contemporary or modern feel and supports the Love for Nature and Spotted Owls.   There are many people who love these birds of prey and find them to be interesting and beautiful. I am sure there are many Owl… read more

Art Newsletter – October 2013

Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News    Art Newsletter – October 2013         This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:   The Cross Stitch Kits are doing very well at Gecko Rouge! If you are a new subscriber, I have recently licensed my art with a needlepoint company from the UK who now… read more

Kiss My Art Gallery / Exhibition Announcement

Come see my 2 Artworks: “Zombie HandFishin” and “Zombie Walk” at Kiss My Art Gallery on 716 Cookman Ave in Asbury Park, NJ 07712 this Saturday October 5th !! It’s gonna be an awesome time PLUS you get to dress like a zombie!! Be a part of the event that is in the Guiness Book… read more

Art Newsletter – September 2013

Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News    Art Newsletter – September 2013         This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:   Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to get ready for this awesome holiday and for the yearly Zombie Walk here in Asbury Park. I am creating original zombie artworks… read more

Gecko Rouge Partnership

I am so proud to Announce the Launch of my Art as Cross Stitch Kits!! I Can’t wait to buy some myself! I love Cross Stitch – Many of you asked for “Celestial Cat” as a Cross Stitch and Gecko Rouge Made the Kits Especially for You! Please follow the link and check out my… read more

Art Newsletter – August 2013

Art Newsletter – August 2013 Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News    Art Newsletter – August 2013         This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:   Collectible 8 x 10″ Works of Art are Selling Out! These little cuties are HOT! I paint them and within 30 minutes most have a BID. They… read more

Frame USA Partnership

I am proud to announce my Partnership with Frame USA and Poster Service, Inc. You can now buy my posters in bulk!  Order Here         

My Pet Zombie / Collectible 8×10 Paintings

New OSWOA or Small works of art ( 8 × 10 ) There will be 10 Hand Painted / Collectible “MY PET ZOMBIE” Creations for those of you who collect these creatures. Each will be numbered. So get em while their HOT! Acrylics and Ink on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.   MY PET ZOMBIE #1 –… read more

WearthatART Partnership

* Barbosa Art Studio News * Announcing My Partnership with WearthatART Introducing my LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS! Order Them Here:  

New Original Painting – Pirate Booty Beach

Pirate Booty Beach is where Pirates go to hide their treasure. It’s an island near the Galapagos with Komodo Dragons and creatures from another time. This Original Painting measures 24 x 36″ and was hand painted in acrylics and Ink. The figures are representing a fantasy pirate crew with a Skeleton Captain, a Skelly Parrot… read more

Art Newsletter – April 2013

Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News    Art Newsletter – April 2013         This Month at Barbosa Art Studios custom commissions are all the rage. I am working on a Giant 36 x 48″ Guns and Roses Painting. More Day of the Dead Orders, Mermaids, Cubist Cats and Sharks.   Don’t miss… read more

My New Signature Style Series Featuring: Turquoise Girl

Just Out Today! “Turquoise Girl” – 24×18 – This is the First Painting in my new Signature Style Series. I have been working on this technique for some time and finally created what I have envisioned! I am really excited to present this work of art to the world. This original painting is available through… read more

Zombie Eats Shark – New Textured Art on Canvas

The Swimming Dead search for Fish Brains and anything with a Beating Heart. Zombie eats a Great White Shark. Great White Shark nibbles on small Zombie Heads. Southern Fried Munchies just off the coast of Florida, near a nuclear power plant. 2013   Hand Painted in Acrylics and Textured with Plaster, topped with Copper Metallic… read more

Sea Of Portugal Collection – March 2013 Gallery Exhibition

A sneak peek at my new artwork: The “Sea Of Portugal Collection” Featuring the Giant Octopus, Hammerhead Shark, Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle and the Parrotfish. Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. This collection will be at an exhibition in Portugal for the month of March through April at the Colorida Art gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.… read more

Art Newsletter – February 2013

Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News    Art Newsletter – February 2013         This Month at Barbosa Art Studios we are back on track and have rebuilt the studio after Sandy with new equipment and more blank canvas to create with. February has been a month full of custom orders. Many Prints… read more

Custom Commission of Popeye and Jessica Rabbit

A Modern Artwork Representing Popeye The Sailor and Jessica Rabbit on a Ship. Hand Painted in Acrylics on a 36″ x 36″ Canvas. This was a Custom Commission and the Original Painting has been SOLD. Prints and Fine Art Reproductions Available at Imagekind, Fine Art America, Red Bubble and Artist Rising. Custom Art can be… read more

Some THING In My Closet – Horror Art for Bigfoot Fans

This artwork was created for the contest: MAMA (Scared Stiff) on DeviantArt. It did not make the semi finals so now it is for sale to the public. The texture is 3D acrylic Paint on Canvas covered with Protective Varnish. The Story Behind this Art: When I was a child I would have nightmares and… read more

New Hippie Tattoo Pin Up Girl Painting

A combination of the “Day Of The Dead” Sugar Skulls and a Hippie Chick who is also a Tattoo Pin Up Girl. It makes for an interesting artwork that tells the viewer many things and is not a macabre piece but on the other hand a very cheerful work of art with many colors!  … read more

Custom Commissioned Pirate Paintings on Canvas

Custom Commissioned “Pirate Paintings” Personalized with Your Home Decor Color Scheme. This artwork is a fantasy themed acrylic painting on canvas with a 3D effect and finished in a Gloss Medium Varnish. It measures 24″ x 30″ x 0.5″. Orders are now being taken just in time for Christmas – Custom Pirate, Zombie and Day… read more

Hurricane Sandy Art Sale on eBay

We are alerting all buyers to the reduced price of all Original Paintings because we were affected by Hurricane Sandy. All artwork was transported to a local art gallery before the storm hit and “must be sold” because our studio has been washed away with the storm. Most original paintings have been reduced to $99… read more

Puppet Master – Mixed Media Assemblage Wall Hanging

This is a raw abstract mixed media work of art on 2 canvas nailed together and assembled with jute. Splashes of acrylic paint add to the street art feel and the style is modern, contemporary mixed media. This is a primitive looking very rough artwork. It is meant to look disheveled and put together in… read more

Web of Skulls – Cool Street Style Modern Abstract Art

The spider weaved a web of skulls taken from lost souls who vanished. Floating in a sea of death, they sat there stuck to the vine until the end of time.  Modern Abstract Art on Canvas created with Acrylic Paint.                              … read more

October Art Newsletter 2012

Barbosa Art Studios – October Art News and Events   Newsletter October, 2012 Barbosa Art Studios Artist: Laura Barbosa   This October has been my most successful month throughout my art career. It has been an uphill climb to survive solely on my art sales alone, but when you have a dream and an ultimate goal… read more

“Skull Crew” – Original Street Art Painting on Canvas

The Skull Crew graffiti style modern art created with acrylic paint and spraypaint. Cool street art hand painted by the Artist. Acrylics on Canvas – 24″ x 24″ – Free Shipping to USA   PLACE YOUR BID ON EBAY for The “Skull Crew” , BUY IT NOW from my Official Website, Or PURCHASE A FINE… read more

13TH Skull – Abstract Skull Art in Signature Street Style

The “13Th Skull” represents the unifying force that connects all the worlds in the galaxy. It is said that the 13 skulls were kept in a pyramid called: “The Ark”.  The crystal skulls were kept in a circle and each one belonged to a different sacred planet. This is my understanding of the legend that… read more

Art News: Sneak Peak – Ofrendas Del Corazon

Sneak Preview of my painted wooden heart for “Ofrendas Del Corazon” – Titled: “Wonderland” Acrylics on Wood.  An original artwork inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” A story that relates to a quest for identity and growth. A journey we all must take in our own way.                  … read more

Kitty Cat Cupcakes – Yummy Animal Art on Canvas

I love cupcakes and cherries! This painting was inspired by delicous desserts and my obsession with cupcakes. 3 cute skeleton kitties surrounded by yummy things. Painted with acrylics and detailed in dots. 18×24″ original cat painting on canvas with a whimsical feel and happy thoughts.                    … read more

Kitty Cat Candy – Sweet Day of the Dead Art

A cute big eye kitten skeleton celebrating the sweetness of candy and the color pink. Day of the Dead folk art in a modern style detailed in dots. Measuring: 18″x24″ and painted in acrylics.   I was thinking about candy and wanted to get some candy corns and a cup of coffee, this is what… read more

Sugar Cat Guardians – Folk Art Painting

Creepy and cute folk art for Day of the Dead fans and lovers of sugar skulls. This artwork makes me smile just to look at it, I love how it came out and the skeleton cats are all unique. The two in the background flying around are watching over the Sugar Skull Guardian who is… read more

Pumpkin Chuck – Halloween Creature Art

Good Ole’ Pumpkin Chuck. He use to be a happy pumpkin until someone ripped him out of the patch and entered him in a pumpkin chucking contest to see who could throw him the farthest. They used a cartapult to throw his head and he landed 20 feet and got squashed, cracking his pumpkin head… read more

Phantasm – Halloween Folk Art Fantasy Painting

A Pink Halloween in Mexico. In this artwork I wanted to emphasize spirituality and the paranormal by painting a cat with wings who stands guard over the souls of the deceased. The adobe in the background is to celebrate the Mexican culture and the sugar skulls are inspired by Dia De Los Muertos or Day… read more

“Haunted Hollow” – A Halloween Painting on Canvas

Halloween Art inspired by Dia De Los Muertos or Day Of The Dead. Haunted Hollow is a spooky house on a hill inhabited by sugar skull creatures, walking dead humans and animal skeletons. This town celebrates Halloween and All Soul’s Day all year round. A whimsical skelly cat is out on the prowl and the… read more

Moon Zombie – Custom Art Order for Scary Art

Custom Order of a Zombie on the Moon with the Earth as a background floating in Space. As earth history has it, zombies have been transported to the moon by our earth patrol after the apocalypse of 2020. Some of them have been buried in graves never to walk again and others are still searching… read more

Ride Of The Dead – Gothic Harley Art

And the dead ride….. Sugar Skull of horror, rider from hell on his Harley. Cool horror art for day of the dead fans and lovers of the Mexican holiday: Dia De Los Muertos. Raw modern art for motorcycle fanatics and Gothic art & collectors of the macabre.                … read more

Zombie Town – Dead Walkers Looking for Brains

Welcome to Zombie Town. It’s undead madness in this country hick village from hell. Abandoned barns and sheds built by the living when the apocalypse hit. No one survived and there are only zombies left here. All the farm animals and pets have turned into walking dead creatures, scavenging around for body parts and brains.… read more

Siko Skull – Graffiti Style Modern Art

Graffiti style urban art, “Siko Skull” is a modern drip painting created with acrylic paint and canvas. Cool and vivid colors in a fantasy world of the Gothic Skull.                                                 Buy this… read more

Luna’s Dream – Celestial Fantasy Cat Painting

A cheerful original painting of a cat dreaming. Inspired by the Mexican Holiday: Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos. She is floating on a silver moon and surrounded by cool looking stars in her sci-fi fantasy world warmed by sun. Spirits of other cats are celebrating in this painting which is full… read more

Saltwater Taffy – Blue Abstract Home Decor

Colorful modern abstract paintings for home or office decor. Acrylic splash technique by Laura Barbosa on 2 canvas panels measuring 18″ x 24″ each. Versatile for behind the couch or anywhere. Ships ready to hang and varnished. No frames needed. Gallery wrapped canvas. Inspired by saltwater taffy from the Jersey Shore. Colors of this sweet… read more

Gato De Los Muertos – Pretty Folk Art Cat

A celebration of the cat spirit in the Day of The Dead tradition. “Gato De Los Muertos” original folk art painting was created with acrylics and has a 3D textured surface. This kitty is adorned with flowers and hearts. The moon and sun are decorative elements that add a cheerful and interesting feeling. An angel… read more

Mars Monolith – A Modern Sci Fi Painting of the Red Planet

This original abstract painting was inspired by the red planet “Mars” and it’s many monoliths found by NASA and claimed to be seen by amateur stargazers. Created with metallic silver spraypaint and a rough background texture, the structures were made with layers of paint making this a 3D work of art and a mixed media… read more

Pugs Love Peace Pop Art Painting

I chose to paint a black pug in this original pop art painting. He is a cute little hippie Hawaiian dude with a guitar and he loves peace! Vivid acrylic color decorates his shirt of flowers and his big bug eyes are typical of the pug breed which also brings him to life. Psychedelic hot… read more

Jersey Shore – Modern Abstract Paintings on Canvas

“Jersey Shore” is a 2 piece abstract painting on canvas created with acrylics and silver spraypaint. This is a very colorful work of art and is a contemporary modern artwork for rooms that need color. Great art for pillow matching and home decor. Each canvas measures 18″wide x 24″high x 0.5″deep. Hang them together or… read more

Great White Gobstopper – Shark VS Zombie Painting

“Great White Gobstopper” is a Shark VS Zombie Original Painting. A clever way to get rid of zombies is to drop them in the ocean near False Bay (Valsbaai), South Africa or Isla Guadalupe: the volcanic island 160 miles off the coast of Baja, California. It is said that there is a Great White near… read more

Laura Barbosa’s Art Reproductions Available for Purchase

Can’t afford an original painting? Buy my prints instead. My artwork is listed on many print on demand websites which are known for their expert printing capabilities for reproducing original art. If you want a close replica to the original artwork, there are many canvas prints you can buy that are produced on gallery wrapped… read more

Skull Fire – Red Horror Gothic Art

Skull Fire painted in red, yellow, black and white acrylic paint colors. A huge artwork measuring 30″W x 40″H. Cool and scary skull art for horror fans and lovers of grim tales and the macabre. Engulfed in flames and surrounded in vivid red color, this is dramatic modern Gothic art. Created in 2012    … read more

Robot Girl – When Pigs Fly – Big Eye Fantasy Art

My version of a Robot Girl in Big Eye Style holding a Robo Doll. Set in a fantasy world with a white city and pigs flying in the sky. Sometimes, I just want to paint cute things and this is what I came up with today. As a teen, I always use to say “When… read more

Robo World – City of Secrets – Sci-fi Fantasy Art

Robots have always interested me and the possibility of life in the Universe other than human beings is also at the top of my list for very cool things! “Robo World – City of Secrets” is 30 x 40″ XXLarge. It is a cityscape in modern colors with neon pink that glows under black light.… read more

Zombie Brain Surgeon – Gruesome Art for Horror Fans

An original Painting of a Zombie Brain Surgeon on 30 x 40″ gallery wrapped canvas by Laura Barbosa 2012. A cool example of brain surgery gone horribly wrong for the guy on the right. Just a shell of a face is left while the crazy surgeon removes the brain from his patient. Sure to be… read more

Peace Guitar – Original Hippie Art

The “Peace Guitar” is layered in acrylics and consists of many colors like pea green, sky blue, rose pink, ruby red, white, black and purple fantasy paint. All these colors come together to create a “psychedelic” look to this abstract peace painting. It does have texture and has a raw technique of pouring and leaving… read more

“Peace Dream” – Colorful Hippie Abstract Art

Peace Dream is layered in colors, with hues of blue, yellow, green, pink, red and a touch of brass metallic paint. Acrylic paint drips from the peace symbol in a thick mixture making it’s own rainbow design. The outcome was better than I expected and the artwork is an awesome addition to any room that… read more

Skulls and Roses – A Grim and Beautiful Art Set

Cool, Beautiful and Grim can describe Day Of The Dead Artwork or Dia De Los Muertos Paintings. This is how I would describe “Skulls and Roses”. They were created as a him and her or yin and yang set. The skulls and roses are in a state of opposing forces or are opposite each other… read more

Mardi Gras Magic – Colorful Acrylic Art on Canvas

This Original Artwork is a colorful representation of Mardi Gras. Centered around a skull popping out of the unzipped head of a dancing girl . Adorned with wildflowers and roses with many green leaves, Mardi Gras beads, the fleur-de-lis, hearts and a colorful mask. The tradition of Mardi Gras is sure to pass from generation… read more

Freak Show – The Sinister Circus – Original Folk Art Painting in Vivid Acrylic Color

A Colorful fantasy painting in modern folk art style – “Freak Show” – The Sinister Circus is a collection of side show freaks from myths and legends direct from the artist’s mind. From left to right – Mongo the Mutant Mangler, Sean of the Sea aka Squidman, Cupcake Carmen the Cyclops Cutie and Enormous Elvis… read more

Sugar Skull Sweets – Mexican Inspired Folk Art Set

I have a sweet tooth lately. Just want to eat a sugar skull from Mexico. I think that’s why I am painting so many of these Calaveras. Mexican folk art really inspires me and the makers of the sugar skulls are so talented and unique in the designs they create and adorn their skulls with. While surfing… read more

“Crocodile Lollipop” Zombie Flavored Fantasy Art

Crocodiles make great Zombie Hunters! If the world did ever fall to a zombie plague, we could drop the zombies into the Nile and let the Crocs eat em all :0) I guess this is my Morbid Art period. Communicating through my art what words cannot say. The horrifying imagery and death scenes I create all have… read more

Circo De Los Muertos – Carousel of Death – Carnival Art

“Circo De Los Muertos” – Carousel of Death is my new Day Of The Dead Original Painting. I was inspired by a local carnival and it’s merry go round. The Carousel can be a really weird and cool ride! Sometimes you ride on frogs, bees, turtles, and other things that just don’t make any sense.… read more

“Love N Death” – Morbid Roses in a Skull Vase

This acrylic painting of red roses in a skull vase is layered in colors, with hues of red and pink, blue and white, green and yellow popping off the canvas in vivid color. “Love and Death” to me is to have loved and have felt loss. Everything comes to an end and everything dies. What… read more

Sugar Skull Spirits – Abstract Folk Art Set

“Sugar Skull Spirits” is a 3 piece modern triptych which can be spaced and hung in different patterns on your wall. A Day Of The Dead Celebration in Modern Abstract Folk Art Style. Created in 2012 Buy Original Paintings 36″ x 36″ – 12 x 36″ each Place A Bid on eBay Auction for this… read more

Alice in Zombieland – A Gothic Folk Art Painting

“Alice in Zombieland” was a subject I have been wanting to paint for over a year. It’s just the possibility of creating a new world from such a classic fairy tale. The ideas for this artwork have been floating around in my head and every time I thought about it, I would get new thoughts of… read more

Zombie Hunter – Post-Apocalyptic Art

A post-apocalyptic vision of the future created with Ink and Acrylics in comic style. An artwork portraying zombie hunters as they approach the city looking for survivors and exterminating the undead walkers on the way. Riding in an armored military Hum-V ready for battle and painted in camo colors. June 2012 Buy This Original Artwork – Place a Bid for it… read more

Yacht Club – New Contemporary Abstract Set

This 3D textured work of art was created with plaster and sand. The colors are top quality acrylic paint. Perfect for a Modern Style Home or Beach Yacht Club or Casino. 2 paintings sold as a set. 48″ x 36″. Gallery wrapped canvas so no frames needed! Sides are white and staple free. Buy Original Paintings… read more

The Fall of Liberty

This New York City Fantasy was created with Ink and Acrylic Paint on Gallery Wrap Canvas. A world destructed and plagued by zombies. The fall of the Statue Of Liberty, a symbol of freedom for all of us finally tumbles, a sign of the failures of man. The end of our world and the beginning of… read more

Zombie Cop Takes Manhattan

This Original Artwork was created with Ink and Acrylic Paint. Set in a city backdrop with toxic vapors in the background. A Zombie Cop cleaning up New York. An explosion of the undead from toxic waste has employed this police officer as a cleaner of the walking dead. Cool and unique theme for collectors of… read more

Summer Art Newsletter June 2012

 Gallery U is a contemporary art space located in the heart of downtown Red Bank, NJ. It is operated by people with traumatic brain injuries as part of their recovery and transition back into the community. The primary goal of the gallery is to provide a place for people with traumatic brain injuries to work on a daily… read more

Moose Verse Bear, Wildlife Portraits

Moose Verse Bear was inspired by Aroostoock County, Maine. The Moose is seen on roadways and in the dense forest of this region and the Black Bear thrives in it’s woods. I tried to capture the beauty of this state in bringing the colors of the sky and landscape to the canvas. Dandelions were in bloom… read more

The Gun – Day Of The Dead – Acrylic and Ink

  This original day of the dead painting on canvas called “The Gun” was created in honor of Dia De los Muertos or All Soul’s Day. The subject matter is interesting and may pose a question to the viewer. Decisions for good and evil, right and wrong are symbolized in this artwork. The angel and… read more

“Little Dragon” – Mixed Media with Candle Wax & Texture

The dragon is a legendary creature, said to give good luck to any who possess it and it is featured in the myths of many different cultures. This mixed media work of art was created with acrylic paints, 3D texture or impasto and hot wax dripped from a purple candle. “Little Dragon” represents the idea… read more

Knockout – Art with Punch! (Custom Art for Fitness Centers)

  This acrylic painting is layered in colors, with hues of orange, gold, yellow, brown tones, red, white, gray and black blending together to create a dramatic portrait of a Boxer. His gloves are almost 3D as his one knockout punch seems to be coming off the canvas. Decorated with skulls and fire to add… read more

“The Flying Dead” in Honor of All Saints Day

The Flying Dead is an original painting by Laura Barbosa created in 2012. Acrylics and Ink on Canvas. Free Shipping if purchased from this website. The colors are vivid with hues of yellow, blue, white, brown red, pink and black. Dripping paint falls down under the Mexican city while the dead fly above and give… read more

New Artwork: “Secrets Of The Mariachi”

  This large colorful acrylic painting is hand painted with a blue background and the theme is a celebration of “Day Of The Dead” set in a Mexican Cemetary setting with detailed figures of a Mariachi Band playing the trumpet and guitar. There is a glowing celestial moon, sun and stars. The angel is painted… read more

Abstract Art / Custom Commission Price Chart

  Standard Abstract Art Rates          1 Original Painting   16″ x 20″     $199.00    20″ x 20″     $225.00                            24″ x 36″     $475.00      24″ x 48″     $630.00                  30″ x 40″     $660.00                   36″ x 36″     $700.00   32″ x 48″     $844.00                  30″ x 60″   … read more

New Art – Alice in Wonderland’s – Red Qween

The Red Qween is a portrayal of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland’s “Bloody Big Head” from the fantastical movie. This is an original acrylic painting with hues of red, pink, yellow, blue, black and white in a raw style resembling folkart and in the tradition of  the mexican holiday: “day of the dead” or Dia De… read more

Handpainted Mexican Folkart

This painting was created to celebrate the Mexican Holiday – “Day Of The Dead”. It is made out of gallery canvas and acrylic paint. The Skull was painted as sugar skull art and I layered the canvas with many colors to give it a life of it’s own. It is considered modern folkart or modern… read more

Private Art Sale Ends Tomorrow

My Company Logo was created from an Original Painting called “End Of Ages” This artwork is listed at $150,000 on Discovered Artists, Absolute Arts and other High End Art Websites. It’s price is based on being published in NY ARTS Magazine 2008, The Artist’s Credentials and how much it will be worth in the future… read more

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials     Love this kind of art..Your one of the best ~ Cliff Brandon Richey ~   Laura, you are so amazingly talented Wow!!! ~ Victoria Ansaldo ~   You’re a great artist!!! wonderful works! ~ Francesco Paolicchi ~   Love the use of abstract shapes and such vivid colours! ~ Allan Jones… read more

The Walking Dead – Original Zombie Art on Canvas

New Raw Lowbrow Zombie Art on Canvas. “The Walking Dead” was inspired by the popular mini series. Zombies have always been one of my favorite subjects to paint and create. I am in the process of designing a giant zombie sculpture. the materials for this new project have yet to be determined but I have… read more

Crying Geisha Tears – A Modern Asian Art Portrait

“She cries for him and he does not notice. She weeps for him in the night, lying next to him as he sleeps. She cries for him and he does not see. She spends her days thinking of him, how he looks, how he sounds and what he does. She cries for him but he… read more

Art and Music

I love both art and music and when I think about working now, I am also thinking about how to incorporate the lyrics of a song into my paintings. There are so many possibilities and outcomes to be achieved by thinking of music and putting it down on a surface for all to see. An… read more

Love The Way You Lie – Art Inspired by Eminem and Rihanna

Lowbrow Art Inspired by Eminem and Rihanna – Made from music – An original painting by Laura Barbosa – Collectible  I used gallery wrapped canvas with 3D glossy liquid medium to create the unique effect of this artwork. This is raw painting at it’s finest. Painted from the heart and soul of the artist.  … read more

The Salvation Of Angels, A Raw Cityscape on Canvas

Inspired from the lyrics by Robbie Williams and the song called: “Angels” This artwork encompasses all that haunts me about love, questions me about angels and lures me towards fantastical relationships with mystical beings. In the heart of the raw city, there is life, in the heart of all of us there is LOVE. But the… read more

Skull Island Mixed Media 3D art on Canvas. Something Unique

An artwork with 3D faces made out of clay embedded in the tree trunk created out of texture to look like bark. A very cool and unique mixed media painting for goth and macabre fans. Acrylics on canvas with glossy parts. Title: “Skull Island” Year: 2010 Medium: Acrylics, 3D Clay, Texture & Gloss Medium on… read more

The Mermaids Wish – City of Steam

They brought him. He stood there very still as though he was always alone. They dug up the bottom of the sea and planted him. They brought him here to rest. To die, to watch. Was he a watcher? His eyes were so deep and full of sadness. Why did they leave him here all… read more

The Fat Mermaid – More Than Just A Fish Tale

This work of art started out as a whimsical piece and ended up as an artwork that means so much more. The mind is a powerful thing and mine took over on this one. Mermaids are fantasy as far as we know. “The Fat Mermaid” in this painting is a protector of the sea. A… read more

Peace Sign Art For Modern Times

Why is peace art so popular today? I am always surprised at how fast peace art and hippie paintings sell so quickly. Peace is something we need in our world more than anything! Many people pray for world peace and this style of modern art has become hip & trendy. This is a symbol that is… read more

Wedding Day – Til Death Do Us Part

Day Of The Dead or Dia De Los Muertos is a very popular Mexican Holiday to Celebrate the Dead. This Wedding Day Painting was created out of 3D Gel Medium and is a unique signature style by Barbosa Art. The Bride and Groom are folk art inspired and hand painted by the artist.   Buy… read more

New York Escape, Black and White Prints & More

A Black and White Painting of New York City. An Abstract Cityscape with the Statue of Liberty melting into the scene. This artwork was created with acrylic paints and a glossy gel medium to represent the water. The buildings were all hand painted with a small brush and the finish is satin varnish on gallery wrapped… read more

Modern Art That’s Cool! Time Traveler 2

Take a journey through time with “TIME TRAVELER” – 5 piece modern art set. Versatile and ready to hang. This artwork is all about drama and making your interior more modern and interesting.   I have been getting many orders for 5 piece artwork. This is really becoming a popular item for Home and Office Decor.… read more

Peace – A New Raw Abstract, Pollock Style

This painting was started by applying a rough texture to the surface and mixing purples, pinks, blues & white. Then taking it off with a special knife. The peace sign was painted in black and the top layer was applied with my bare hands so the look of the sign has a very raw feel… read more

My Art in Clients Homes – Unique Custom Wall Decor

“I am thrilled and there were tons of compliments” ~Judi Artwork Title: Old Chapel 2     Custom Order to Match Home Decor     If you are a Barbosa Art Client and wish to be featured on this blog,  please use the website contact form.     See Close Up Photos of Old Chapel 2      

Life After People – A Work Of Art

This painting is a story of man and his exit from the earth. A cityscape with vegetation growing on and through the buildings, a parking meter with the word “Expired” and a giant rhino that finds a home in this abandoned human city. Many animals that escaped from zoos now reside in cities all over… read more

Color My City – A New Abstract Drip Painting

By trying to give my city life, I used acrylic paint mixed with a medium to drip over the rooftops of my buildings. “Color My City” was meant to convey warmth and a seasonal feel to what people know and love about city life. This artwork portrays how different seasons effect the look of the… read more

Its Just A Meat Suit

This artwork is for Serious Collectors of Goth, Macabre and Scary Art. Laura has a number of clientele that collect her “Dark Paintings”. Some of them have over 4 pieces in their homes and places of business.    This Original Raw Abstract Called “It’s Just A Meat Suit” was inspired by the TV Show ‘Supernatural’… read more

Featured Zibbeter, Read My Newest Interview

Meet Laura Barbosa from Toms River, New Jersey, who is a full-time artist. Yes, full-time, as in she makes her living off her art, just as her slogan says, “Living to Paint ~ Painting to Live.” Laura paints modern art, contemporary and abstract paintings. She is also a digital artist with many unique….  READ MORE… read more

Melting Robots into Abstract Art

When I was a kid I had a toy that plugged into the wall and it came with small plastic colored squares that were meant to be put into this mini oven and when the squares heated up they transformed into monsters, creatures, cars and robots. I had a dream I was around 7 and back in my musty basement again in Cranford… read more

The Miracle – A Large Impasto Painting of Motherhood

The Miracle of Life is something to Treasure, something to Marvel and Remember if you are ever fortunate enough to see it happen. The most precious time for a mom is during her pregnancy. This artwork captures this special moment in time. A historical tribute to mothers, birth and the Miracle of Life. If the… read more

My Art As Tattoos

I was honored to have my art made into a tattoo. One of my awesome clients bought “Death Jam” and had it turned into the coolest Tat! Kudos to the Tattoo Artist for doing such a wonderful Job!  

13 Crystal Skulls Abstract Art Set

The crystal skulls are a number of human skull hardstone carvings made from clear or milky quartz rock, known in art history as “rock crystal”, claimed to be pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts by their alleged finders. However, none of the specimens made available for scientific study has been authenticated as pre-Columbian in origin. The results of… read more

New Celestial Cat Cubism Painting

“Celestial Cat” is a celebration of the feline both in fantasy and reality. Cats are very spiritual beings and can be associated with the celestial realm. A very UNIQUE cat hand painted and highly detailed with small dots in gold metallic color and vibrant acrylic paints. If you look at the close up shots, you… read more

Contemporary Abstract Paintings

  A Huge Modern Abstract Painting with a Raw Style and Contemporary Feel. Created using a palette knife, acrylic paint, varnish and 3D texture. “Glacier Bay” is an actual Bay in Alaska. I saw photos of it on the National Geographic Channel and it was pure and beautiful. This natural wonder is what has inspired… read more

Zodiac Art For The Pisces Sign

NEW 24 x 30″ “Pisces” Painting. Signs of the Zodiac are fantastical subjects to paint. I chose the “Pisces Fish” because many people I know have been born under this sign. The fish are created with 3D texture and the painting is Highly detailed/Dot Style/Pointillism. This dot painting took many hours to complete and it… read more

New Map Of Mars Contemporary Painting

“Map Of Mars” was created from thoughts of space travel and the possibility of alien life in our universe. I have always wondered about Mars and would someday love to see the terrain in person. For now I can create my own 3D planet and plot a course to an unknown place far from earth’s… read more

Dolphin Dance – A Painting Stolen on Public Display

This painting was stolen from the Ocean Medical Hospital in Brick New Jersey in 2008. It was on display with over 200 artworks and it was 24 x 36″, created in 2006. The sale price back then was $450.00. I still can’t wrap my head around it. The area it was hanging in was a very… read more

Selling My Art Through Social Media

Greeting Card Designer Blog invited Laura Barbosa, fine artist, to be a special guest writer for “Social Media Month” on her experiences of selling her own art using social media, and offer tips she has for artists who want to get started.   “Being connected to social media is one of the keys to my… read more

Steam – Creating Steampunk Art on Canvas

Whenever I create steampunk art on canvas, I try not to think about any kind of guidelines so my mind can take over the idea process. Gears and Clocks always pop into my head and I love making freehand illustrations and mixed media art. I have to include the Robots too because robots are so fun to make. The… read more

The Advantages to Buying Art On-Line, Memorial Day Sales & More

  I am a Daily Painter and each artwork is a stepping stone towards becoming a Master at my craft! Taking a day off from creating art is not an option because I have to sell my art to survive and in today’s economy it is no easy task to succeed. As a mainly on-line Artist who… read more

Website Promotion for Art Buyers

Celebrate with Laura and enjoy FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA! All original paintings ship USPS Priority Mail or FEDEX – Fully Insured.        Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter on the left side and receive coupons, photos of new work, artist interviews, decorating tips, museum events, art news and… read more

Chalkfest Art at Bolton High School

I was honored to have my art reproduced at an event called “Chalkfest” during which 50-60 students spend the entire day reproducing artwork in chalk on the walkways in front of their school building. It is highly anticipated at Bolton High School in Alexandria, Louisiana and in the community.   Chalkfest is an exhibition only,… read more

Fundraiser Press Release

  TOMS RIVER, N.J., May 6 /PRNewswire/ — Twelve special therapy dogs have a permanent home at the Community Medical Center, thanks to artist Laura Barbosa. Barbosa’s “Bright and Beautiful” collection. Three life-sized acrylic paintings on canvas depicting a dozen therapy dogs currently working in Ocean County, N.J. community hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities and… read more

Licensing My Art

Laura’s art is available for licensing with quality companies! If you are interested in licensing Laura Barbosa’s art for your products, please contact the artist at Laura’s artwork is currently licensed with the following companies: ICON SHOES Icon has become a leader in the luxury, casual-comfort category of shoes and a trend setter in handbags… read more

Soul Painting

I am stepping forward in a new direction with my abstracts. “Glow”  is a great example of my new steps towards being more free with my thoughts and learning how to open my mind even more to allow it to create things itself. The subconcious must rule over the artist’s body and in my case, the physical has… read more