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Modern Art That’s Cool! Time Traveler 2

by Laura Barbosa in All About Art
Take a journey through time with “TIME TRAVELER” – 5 piece modern art set. Versatile and ready to hang. This artwork is all about drama and making your interior more modern and interesting.
I have been getting many orders for 5 piece artwork. This is really becoming a popular item for Home and Office Decor. The panels can either be hung together or split up in one room or even used in 2 rooms. The great thing about the canvas is that it can also be hung vertically & horizontally. Each piece measures 12W x 36″L x 2″ Deep. 
You can’t beat abstract work for modern decor!
Creating these pieces was a lot of fun and I used 2 different techniques. The black and white pieces have a 3D Gloss Top Design and the Colored Pieces are created using a palette knife and acrylic colors. It’s COOL decorative art. ~Enjoy