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Dolphin Dance – A Painting Stolen on Public Display

by Laura Barbosa in All About Art

This painting was stolen from the Ocean Medical Hospital in Brick New Jersey in 2008. It was on display with over 200 artworks and it was 24 x 36″, created in 2006. The sale price back then was $450.00. I still can’t wrap my head around it. The area it was hanging in was a very public hallway, but the one thing I noticed was that it was also located by a door that led to the outside of the hospital, so I guess it would have been simple to swipe this artwork?  

I learned my lesson well and will never join another local art club who cater to recreational artists because no professionalism was used when they discovered this piece was missing and everyone claimed to be ‘not involved’. When I went to the head of the art society they all went into a defensive mode and claimed no responsibility. It has been a couple of years now and the art society still sends me the membership application. I am still upset about this and hope to someday find “Dolphin Dance”. If you see this work of art on your travels, please let me know and watch where you hang your art! Make sure it is a very upstanding place with security.

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