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Knockout – Art with Punch! (Custom Art for Fitness Centers)

by Laura Barbosa in All About Art
This acrylic painting is layered in colors, with hues of orange, gold, yellow, brown tones, red, white, gray and black blending together to create a dramatic portrait of a Boxer. His gloves are almost 3D as his one knockout punch seems to be coming off the canvas. Decorated with skulls and fire to add to the fighting mood of blood, sweat and tears. This work of art is on heavy, large gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides and was intended as “Art for Fitness Centers”. 
Why Laura’s Art is a Great Investment For Fitness Centers Worldwide
Custom – Original – One Of A Kind Art – Personalized to Fit your Club’s Theme
By placing original art in the hallways, you can inspire your gym members to think beyond the confines of the beige walls of your fitness center. Laura’s motivational art may even help them through their day, especially when they need encouragement.
Displaying original art can also help create a good impression with your clients. By choosing top shelf gallery paintings, you can send a positive message about your company-that you appreciate the finer things in life, and not just all business. Artwork for your fitness center can be a very good investment.
Laura takes the time out of perusing samples of artwork in local galleries. Unfortunately, you don’t have a day to spare. Barbosa Art Studios comes to you and will set up a time to walk with you through your business and discuss your options. 
Help support the art world and self-representing artists by purchasing original art for business.
Original corporate artwork can do more than help boost your creativity. You can also help a starving artist somewhere in the world, and own a one-of-a-kind piece that will appreciate in value.
Find art for gyms that motivates and inspires. Use The artist’s creativity to your advantage and order a custom work that no one else has. Something personalized for only “Your Club“.
All gallery pieces can be periodically rotated keeping your fitness center’s environment fresh and inviting (and to keep your members working out and on their toes).
We work with your interior designers to include your wall colors into our artwork. Paint swatches are matched to help your pieces fit in nicely. Your logo can also be used in the background of every artwork. 
All sports and fitness goals are carefully considered when choosing your subject matter for each piece. Free weight areas could have art created with bodybuilding or toning in mind. Cardio areas can be decorated with the use of your equipment in each artwork. Spin class, Zumba, TRX and Personal Training can also be used to inspire clients to spread the word about the gym and bring in their friends. The bathrooms can have peaceful figures or zen works that match your décor. Sports are a big hit as well, especially figurative football players and boxing champs….
The sky is the limit.