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The Advantages to Buying Art On-Line, Memorial Day Sales & More

by Laura Barbosa in All About Art

I am a Daily Painter and each artwork is a stepping stone towards becoming a Master at my craft!
Taking a day off from creating art is not an option because I have to sell my art to survive and in today’s economy it is no easy task to succeed. As a mainly on-line Artist who sells original paintings over the internet weekly. I can truly say it is a wonderful experience for both myself and my clients.

Here are some Advantages to Buying Art On The Internet: 
1)Saving Valuable Time 
You Save hours, days or even months of your time by not having to travel to galleries that might have what you are looking for.  Most galleries have professional websites now and you can browse their artworks and contact them on-line before traveling to their place of business.  “As an artist, I have also spent much of my time in the beginning of my career traveling to galleries with my portfolio and  I was hurting myself by doing it because the time lost could have been used for painting. Now Gallery Owners find me over the internet and contact me via email. I have shipped my paintings all over the world and recently to the Las Vegas Art District. For Buyers, Sellers and Gallery Owners, the internet is the key to success!
2) Save Money 
Buying Gas, Food and Drinks for an all day outing can add up to a large sum of cash. You can shop on-line with the greatest of ease and best of all it’s free!
3)  Easily Shop Thousands of Galleries
There are over 20,000 or more websites selling art over the internet so your variety increases and not only locally but on an international level. By buying art on-line, you can find artists all over the world and have the art shipped directly to your door. “I Love meeting new clients from around the globe. I have now sold my artwork to people in All 50 US States, Australia, The United Kingdom, & Canada so far.”
3)  More Art For Collectors and Buyers 
You can check on an Artist’s credentials and popularity by simply going to their website and reading their biography and resume whilst also checking out their galleries of work. If the Artist is well-known, you can find them by putting their name into your chosen search engine. Websites with their original paintings and fine art prints should show up in your search. It is both Easy and Convenient.
4)  Buy Art Directly From the Artist
Instead of having to talk to gallery owners who want to make money and a lot of it. you can converse with your artist through email and buy your art at better prices! “For me, I have to sell my work in galleries at a very high price so the gallery owner gets their commission. If you buy directly from me, you will get your art for hundreds to even thousands of dollars less for the same painting and it also ships directly from my easel to your door.  But buying art in galleries also has advantages and the greatest is “Getting to See the Art In Person” Artwork is always better in person than portrayed in any photo but if you find an artist who has a great reputation and you want to take the chance to buy their art.  You will most often than none be pleasantly surprised when you open your package!
5)Memorial Day Art Sales & Holiday Specials
There are many artists reducing their prices this weekend for the shopping holiday and some are even offering free shipping. Search around and see if you can find any Memorial Art Sales. I am sure you will get lucky. If you are one of my fans, I am having a MAKE ME AN OFFER and FREE SHIPPING 
Art Sale on My New Website  ( only 10 paintings left in my studio, I am almost all sold out) Some of my high-end pieces are in the Make Me An Offer Category and the Affordable Pieces are great for home or office decor. I will be painting this weekend and new work will be out on Memorial Day. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you are an Artist Or A Buyer, Please leave your comments, there are more visitors to my art blog every day and your opinion and thoughts matter! Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend ~Cheers