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Summer Art Newsletter June 2012

by Laura Barbosa in All About Art
Gallery U is a contemporary art space located in the heart of downtown Red Bank, NJ. It is operated by people with traumatic brain injuries as part of their recovery and transition back into the community. The primary goal of the gallery is to provide a place for people with traumatic brain injuries to work on a daily basis in order to generate an income, build their self esteem and participate in vocational train.
 New Work for June 2012                          High End Pieces 
“The Bad Blues Bone Band”                         ”Eagle Feathers”
“Zombie Cop”                                               “Bordeaux Dog”
“The Fall Of Liberty”                                       “End Of Ages”
 “Little Dragon”                                               “Knockout”

“Mermaid’s Wish” will be in the Gallery U Show . If you are interested in buying this Original Artwork, Please contact the Gallery Owner above.
Custom Commissioned Orders are now being accepted. So far we have over 10 people ordering personalized art for their homes and offices. Email me if you wish to order something specifically suited to you.

Thank You for Viewing my work and for all your support!!
                                Have a Great Summer :0)