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“Little Dragon” – Mixed Media with Candle Wax & Texture

by Laura Barbosa in All About Art

The dragon is a legendary creature, said to give good luck to any who possess it and it is featured in the myths of many different cultures. This mixed media work of art was created with acrylic paints, 3D texture or impasto and hot wax dripped from a purple candle. “Little Dragon” represents the idea of the myth, the fantastical nature of the legend and the love some of us have for this creature we all wish was real! Bruce Lee, whom I admire for his martial arts skills and his other wonderful traits, had a Chinese screen name Li Xiaolong (李小龍; Xiaolong which means “little dragon”). My love for “Day Of The Dead” was also included in this piece and it was finished with an undead skeleton who is holding a baby blue dragon with the thoughts of training in his/her eyes as they gaze upon each other with great expectations! Created in 2012

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