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Barbosa Art Newsletter for February 2014

 Barbosa Art Newsletter - February 2014 This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:        New canvas sizes just arrived in the studio: 24x48", 24x24", 12x36" and 8x10". New art will be coming to My Website and eBay store weekly so be sure to check out my latest creations!…(continue reading)

Mrs. Owl - Contemporary Art For The Birds

"Mrs. Owl was hand painted with acrylic paint and Detailed with White Ink. It has a contemporary or modern feel and supports the Love for Nature and Spotted Owls.  There are many people who love these birds of prey and find them to be interesting and beautiful. I am sure there are many Owl Mom's...(continue reading)

Art Newsletter - October 2013

Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News  Art Newsletter – October 2013     This Month at Barbosa Art Studios: The Cross Stitch Kits are doing very well at Gecko Rouge! If you are a new subscriber, I have recently licensed my art with a needlepoint company...(continue reading)

Kiss My Art Gallery / Exhibition Announcement

Come see my 2 Artworks: “Zombie HandFishin” and “Zombie Walk” at Kiss My Art Gallery on 716 Cookman Ave in Asbury Park, NJ 07712 this Saturday October 5th !! It’s gonna be an awesome time PLUS you get to dress like a zombie!! Be a part of the event that is in the Guiness...(continue reading)

Art Newsletter – September 2013

Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News  Art Newsletter – September 2013     This Month at Barbosa Art Studios: Halloween is right around the corner and it's time to get ready for this awesome holiday and for the yearly Zombie Walk here in Asbury Park. I am...(continue reading)

Announcing My Partynership with Gecko Rouge

I am so proud to Announce the Launch of my Art as Cross Stitch Kits!! I Can’t wait to buy some myself! I love Cross Stitch – Many of you asked for “Celestial Cat” as a Cross Stitch and Gecko Rouge Made the Kits Especially for You! Please follow the link and check out my kits!!...(continue reading)

Art Newsletter - August 2013

Art Newsletter - August 2013 Newest Artwork Alert and Gallery News  Art Newsletter – August 2013     This Month at Barbosa Art Studios:  Collectible 8 x 10" Works of Art are Selling Out! These little cuties are HOT! I paint them and within 30 minutes...(continue reading)