36.00"x24.00" Acrylics, Texture on Canvas


Description of VENOM

Another figure created with the palette knife to bring a 3D effect and texture to the viewer’s eye. 36 x 24″ nude on gallery wrapped canvas. I was just watching Venom in Vegas when this idea popped in my head. Why not create a snake painting with a nude woman. How cool I thought it would be and it turned out better than expected. I really like how the texture formed the snakes skin and the background was highlighted with purple and pink. The colors in this piece are really stunning and would look lovely in a room that compliments it. I am really getting into these palette knife paintings and my continuation of these works of art will be alot of fun and fascinating. The outcomes are so unexpected. This is going to become a habit with me. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. Created in 2010