30.00"x40.00" Mixed Media

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Description of Robo World – City of Secrets

Robots have always interested me and the possibility of life in the Universe other than human beings is also at the top of my list for very cool things! “Robo World – City of Secrets” is 30 x 40″ XXLarge. It is a cityscape in modern colors with neon pink that glows under black light. The hand painted figurative robots each have their own robotic pet. If you are into space and technology you will love this unique artwork. Remember the all time great movie robots such as: C-3PO, R2-D2, The Terminator and Johnny 5? It is amazing that we have come far enough in our technological advances that the earth has more than 1 million household robots and 1.1 million industrial robots doing various jobs for humans around the world.

This work of art has important references including: Area 51 – A famous military base located in southern Nevada where top secret military operations are perfomed and many secrets hidden to the public, some say, involve UFO and extra terrestial information.

MJ-12 – The Majestic 12 is supposedly a secret committee of government specialists, scientists and military leaders and are said to facilitate UFO conspiracy theories.

The code next to one of the robots is Binary Code for example: 101010. The little bot on the left has the initials IFR which stands for the International Federation of Robots and the robust bot on the right is shouting: AI for Artificial Intelligence.

What do all these things have in common and why did I put them together in this painting? Because I think there is a connection between UFO’s and our present day knowledge of robots. Even the ancient cave paintings have drawings of flying saucers and space aliens. I think the whole concept is just really cool and fascinating. Hope you enjoy my modern originals and thanks for supporting my art!