36.00"x60.00" Acrylics on Canvas


Description of Quantum Leap

This painting is the next step forward in my contemporary abstract paintings. I first started with the palette knife and blended together black and white, then I applied a watered down mixture of red sienna and blotted different designs into the background. The next step was to then create a design out of black and white paint and while doing this, I developed the idea for something related to physics ~hence the title: “QUANTUM LEAP” which is what I named this piece after. It may not be apparent in the picture but I added numbers around the star. This is very involved and really a complex work of art for a space with minimal decor. I believe it would go best in a modern interior with any color wall that matches the colors in the piece or at least feeds off of it. An awesome work of art for behind the couch measuring 60″ wide x 36″ long. 5 panels total.