24.00"x36.00" Mixed Media

Original sold

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Description of Peace Pie

An Original Abstract Painting Textured with 3D Paint and Acrylic Medium. This work of art was inspired by PEACE and includes a hand painted peace sign and the word “PEACE” carved into the paint.

The creation process for this piece is a very interesting one. One day I had a barbecue in my yard and invited some close friends. I am not a very good cook but I can bake, so I made a delicious pie filled with organic fruit and a small cake topped with colorful icing with a peace sign. On my way to the picnic table, I tripped over a rock and the tray went flying. Both the cake and the pie were destroyed. But when they fell on the grass, they made an awesome design full of color and texture. This is what it looked like. Please, Have a piece of “PEACE PIE”! 2010