24.00"x18.00" Acrylics on Canvas

Original sold

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Description of Obsessed Who Fan

This artwork was inspired by Doctor Who and all his magnificent episodes. The characters included in this piece are: The Clockwork Droid, The Peg Dolls, Cyberman, Triceratops from the Dinosaur On A Spaceship Episode, a cute little Adipose Creature, The Daleks, Weeping Angels and the Tardis with a Great Britain Symbol. Cheers to the BBC for making such a wonderful series for all of us Obsessed Who Fans! 2013
Keywords: Doctor Who, The Doctor, Whovians, Fans, Peg dolls, cyberman, clockwork droids, dinosaurs on a spaceship, daleks, weeping angels, adipose, tardis, screwdriver, eleventh doctor, tick tock, wibbly wobbly timey wimey, exterminate, art, painting, pop culture, dr. who, geek