36.00"x36.00" Mixed Media

Not for sale

Description of Mummy Installation

This is a 3D mixed media creation. It is 2 canvas in one, I started with an Egyptian theme and hand painted the mummies background showcasing the Eye of Horus, Ancient Hieroglyphics, a Scarab and a Textured Skull made out of Sand Paint. I embellished the artwork with metal mesh, screws and a styrofoam headdress. The scarab is hand crafted out of clay then painted. The body of the mummy was sculpted out of clay and adorned with gauze and plaster of paris. The hands are fashioned out of wood and layered with gauze to mimic mummy linen. Perfect for Halloween and Haunted Houses that need props. An ORIGINAL SIGNED WORK OF ART by me, Artist Laura Barbosa and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It is Heavy about 12 pounds before shipping. Local Pickup is available. It is located in Spring Hill, Florida. 2017