24.00"x60.00" Acrylics On Canvas


Description of Industry

I used alot of different techniques for these 3 pieces. My first application was just a soft mixture of purple and blue and it looked very zen but I wasn’t satisfied so I added some metallic silver. After that I wanted to connect the pieces together by painting lines and shapes. I used brown and white and then realized something was missing, so I had to rough it up a bit and I used a rough sponge to apply more white and took the red paint and painted over the white lines. I also knew I wanted to outline the canvas with black and carry some of that black into the foreground. Something was still missing after that. It lacked character, so I took yellow ochre and splashed it on. It was looking better but not finished yet. I needed more blue and splashed some blue on there and then finished it off with metallic silver spray. That worked and I knew it was finished. It has a very urban feel. Almost a feeling of graffiti or colors you might see painted in a new york city alley.