24.00"x36.00" Acrylics on Canvas


Description of City of Two Suns

Year 2009 – The “City Of Two Suns” is not a planned piece. It took on a life of its own once I started pushing the paint onto the canvas. When I start developing pieces like this I usually have no idea what the outcome will be until it reveals itself in the end. First, I used a palette knife and had a nice cosmic type background and then I decided to blend the colors with a sponge, from this point I took my sponge again and started making shapes and saw a city in my mind and then it just developed from there. I knew I wanted to use the paint straight from the tube to top it off for a 3D effect and it was perfect for the top of the buildings. The colors were put together subconsciously and consecutively. I really liked this piece when it was finished. I feel freedom from it because I was so free in developing this concept.