24.00"x60.00" Mixed Media


Description of Borgata

These 3 pieces were created after I returned home from the Casino. The Borgata is one of my favorite places to go. It is beautiful and elegant. I am a slot machine junky. Not a good thing when you live 45 minutes from Atlantic City! But I have self control for the most part. Yah Right :0) The Borgata has so many artistic architectural elements, interior spaces and magnificent art from lucky artists who were fortunate enough to have their work displayed there. If you have never been to the Borgata and you LOVE ART, then you will be in for a treat. The blown glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are so fantastic, you could just get a drink and spend your night gazing at them.

After being inspired, I used texture and applied it once then coated it with black acrylic paint. the second step was applying the texture again and then coating it with multi colored paints. The 3rd step was applying the texture again and the rest is a secret recipe. Let me put it this way, it took 2 days to complete. It is really eye catching and wonderful for modern spaces. Year 2010